Event and Rally Diary


In September, we brought the bus across to the Isle of Wight for a five week vacation and so that we could attend a couple of local events on the island.

24th and 25th September.   60's Weekend at IW Steam Railway, Havenstreet with the Vox Beatles and The Hillmans playing on both days.

8th and 9th October.   Isle of Wight Bus Museum - 2022 Wightrider weekend.

Unloading at the bus museum. © Mark Chapman

Turning into St Johns Hill and heading for Bembridge. © Matthew Jimminson

Waiting to depart at Bembridge. © Richard Anscombe

Bembridge, "The Birdham" bus stop. © Richard Anscombe

Route 8A terminus at Bembridge, "The Birdham". © Richard Anscombe

Back at the bus museum. The WR code was to denote Wightrider and not Windsor bus garage as guessed by one former London Transport driver. 

Parked up at Ryde alongside Southern Vectis 563, SDL268.

David and Sam at the end of a superb weekend working on route 8A.


Return trip to Ongar: Meeting my old friend, Brian Nash our first bus mechanic and former owner of MB641 at his South Mimms yard.


Due to restrictions on travel because of COVID and the rising cost of diesel we did not attend any events during these two years.


In August, we brought the bus across to the Isle of Wight for a 2 month 'Summer Holiday' and whilst on the Island, we took a number of special photographs at different locations whilst we had the opportunity:

05/10/19   Visiting RML2685 and RML2756

05/10/19   Ryde Esplanade

Alongside 1938 Underground Stock at the bus interchange. © Paul Beazer

With Melvyn Hayes who starred in the film "Summer Holiday". © Paul Beazer

Melvyn in an RT cab again after 57 years. © Paul Beazer

"Who forgot to fill the tank?" © Paul Beazer

05/10/19   Island Harbour

Alongside the 'Spicebus' from the film "Spiceworld".

12 and 13/10/19   IW Bus Museum - Beer, Buses and Walks weekend

Near Wootton - The Cedars © Terry Lam

Approaching Ryde IW Bus Museum © Chris Boyce

Unloading passengers at Ryde IW Bus Museum © Richard Bache

Departing Ryde IW Bus Museum as green RT3491 arrives © Richard Bache

30/03/19   Barking RT80 Event ©Mark Ovenden


13/08/17   Summer in the City Tour ©Mike G. McDermott


08/05/16   Theydon Bois Bus Rally

23/07/16   Summer in the City Tour


21/06/15   North Weald Bus Rally

11/07/15   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with RT1777)

25/07/15   Summer in the City Tour

05/09/15   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RML2463 and RF459)

03/10/15   Theydon Bois Bus Rally


05/04/14   South East Bus Festival - Detling

12/04/14   RT75 Event (Ash Grove Garage), photo at Shoreditch Church.

14/06/14   Church Fete - Bexleyheath

05/07/14   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with RT1784)

15/08/14   Walthamstow - Year of the Bus Event ©www.walthamstowtown.com

06/09/14   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RM857)

21/09/14   Showbus Rally - Duxford

04/10/14   Theydon Bois Bus Rally


08/06/13   Potters Bar Garage Open Day

07/07/13   North Weald Bus Rally

10/08/13   Summer in the City Tour via Holloway Garage Open Day

07/09/13   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford

(with RML2589, RT2083, RT1702, RM1063 and RM1699)

05/10/13   Theydon Bois Bus Rally (with Superbus)


10/06/12   Pumphouse Museum - Walthamstow

07/07/12   Potters Bar Garage Open Day

16/09/12   Showbus Rally - Duxford (with LT7) [Photo ©Showbus.com]


18/09/11   Showbus Rally - Duxford

01/10/11   Holloway Garage Open Day

10/12/11   Christmas Lights Tour


29/08/10   Colindale Running Day (with RT8)

See the Red-RF website for more photos from this event

11/12/10   Christmas Lights Tour


12/04/09   Barking - 40th Anniversary Route 62 run


08/06/08   Erith Model Rail Society Show at Woolwich


20/05/07   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with MB641)

01/07/07   North Weald Bus Rally

19/08/07   30th Anniversary Route run of 135A Carterhatch to Brimsdown

16/09/07    'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford

15/12/07   Christmas Lights Tour


24/09/06   'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford

08/10/06   Castle Point Show at Canvey Island

29/10/06   Walton Hall Museum - Rusty and Running Day


06/05/05   St James' CE School, Enfield. VE Day Event

18/07/05   Malcolm's 60th Birthday

21/08/05   Leighton Buzzard Bus Rally

18/09/05   Wheel Meet Again Rally at St Mary's School, Bishops Stortford

17/12/05   Christmas Lights Tour


11/04/04   25th Barking Rally and Road Run (with RT3232, RT3251 and RT1784)

19/09/04   'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford


03/06/02   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

22/09/02  'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford


17/09/00   Millenium Motor Show at St Mary's School, Bishops Stortford


29/08/99   Mangapps Farm Railway (with RT3251)


11/04/93   Blake Hall Easter Show


28/06/92   North Weald Rally

02/06/92   Transport Spectacular at Hatfield House

16/08/92   Finsbury Park Rally

10/10/92   Staines Transport Show

11/10/92   Castle Point Show at Canvey Island


25/05/91   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

29/06/91   22nd BEN Lynwood Rally (Motor & Allied Trades Benevolent Fund)

15/12/91   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford


08/04/90   Cobham Bus Museum Open Day event at Addlestone

06/05/90 to 07/05/90   Transport 90 Rally - Norfolk

20/05/90   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RT1784)


09/06/89   David and Paula's Wedding

18/06/89   North Weald Bus Rally (with RF113 and RT3251)

09/07/89   Leighton Buzzard Bus Rally

06/08/89   RT50 Event - Finsbury Square, Moorgate

Middle, Last and First: RT2688 with RT4825 and RT1 at Covent Garden

Outside the Adelphi Theatre, London


06/09/87   Showbus Rally - Woburn


03/04/83   Barking Rally

24/04/83   Red route 84: Commemorative Run with MB641

28/05/83   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

29/05/83   North Weald Bus Rally

16/09/83   Lorry Driver of the Year Event

16/10/83   Muswell Hill Bus Rally


21/03/82   Potters Bar to Aldershot for Charity Parachute Jump (with MB641)

04/04/82   Barking Rally: 1st rally in red livery

18/04/82   Cobham Bus Museum Open Day and Gathering

(One year after our first viewing)

23/04/82   Last day of red route 84: St Albans Garage (with MB641 and M690)

29/05/82   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

30/05/82   North Weald Bus Rally

31/05/82   Bromley Pageant of Motoring

26/06/82   Barnet School Summer Fayre (with RCL2221)

17/07/82   London Bus Rally at Ensign Purfleet

03/09/82   Last day of Enfield route 135 (with M751 and M714)

03/09/82   Last day of crew operation on route 102 (with RM1131)

18/09/82   St Albans Garage Open Day

22/11/82   Pantomime Publicity at Wood Green

Stephen Lewis with RT2688 outside the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green

Photographs are shown above each event listing and are ©David Fisher or ©Malcolm Padbury unless otherwise stated.


23/05/81 to 26/05/81  Enfield Pageant of Motoring

31/05/81   North Weald Bus Rally

28/07/81   Hyde Park, London - Royal Wedding Fireworks