Event and Rally Diary


In August, we brought the bus across to the Isle of Wight for a 2 month 'Summer Holiday' and whilst on the Island, we took a number of special photographs at different locations whilst we had the opportunity:

05/10/19   Visiting RML2685 and RML2756

05/10/19   Ryde Esplanade

Alongside 1938 Underground Stock at the bus interchange. © Paul Beazer

With Melvyn Hayes who starred in the film "Summer Holiday". © Paul Beazer

Melvyn in an RT cab again after 57 years. © Paul Beazer

"Who forgot to fill the tank?" © Paul Beazer

05/10/19   Island Harbour

Alongside the 'Spicebus' from the film "Spiceworld".

12 & 13/10/19   IW Bus Museum - Beer, Buses and Walks weekend

Near Wootton - The Cedars © Terry Lam

Approaching Ryde IW Bus Museum © Chris Boyce

Unloading passengers at Ryde IW Bus Museum © Richard Bache

Departing Ryde IW Bus Museum as green RT3491 arrives © Richard Bache

30/03/19   Barking RT80 Event ©Mark Ovenden


13/08/17   Summer in the City Tour ©Mike G. McDermott


08/05/16   Theydon Bois Bus Rally

23/07/16   Summer in the City Tour


21/06/15   North Weald Bus Rally

11/07/15   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with RT1777)

25/07/15   Summer in the City Tour

05/09/15   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RML2463 and RF459)

03/10/15   Theydon Bois Bus Rally


05/04/14   South East Bus Festival - Detling

12/04/14   RT75 Event (Ash Grove Garage), photo at Shoreditch Church.

14/06/14   Church Fete - Bexleyheath

05/07/14   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with RT1784)

15/08/14   Walthamstow - Year of the Bus Event ©www.walthamstowtown.com

06/09/14   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RM857)

21/09/14   Showbus Rally - Duxford

04/10/14   Theydon Bois Bus Rally


08/06/13   Potters Bar Garage Open Day

07/07/13   North Weald Bus Rally

10/08/13   Summer in the City Tour via Holloway Garage Open Day

07/09/13   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford

(with RML2589, RT2083, RT1702, RM1063 and RM1699)

05/10/13   Theydon Bois Bus Rally (with Superbus)


10/06/12   Pumphouse Museum - Walthamstow

07/07/12   Potters Bar Garage Open Day

16/09/12   Showbus Rally - Duxford (with LT7) [Photo ©Showbus.com]


18/09/11   Showbus Rally - Duxford

01/10/11   Holloway Garage Open Day

10/12/11   Christmas Lights Tour


29/08/10   Colindale Running Day (with RT8)

See the Red-RF website for more photos from this event

11/12/10   Christmas Lights Tour


12/04/09   Barking - 40th Anniversary Route 62 run


08/06/08   Erith Model Rail Society Show at Woolwich


20/05/07   Potters Bar Garage Open Day (with MB641)

01/07/07   North Weald Bus Rally

19/08/07   30th Anniversary Route run of 135A Carterhatch to Brimsdown

16/09/07    'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford

15/12/07   Christmas Lights Tour


24/09/06   'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford

08/10/06   Castle Point Show at Canvey Island

29/10/06   Walton Hall Museum - Rusty and Running Day


06/05/05   St James' CE School, Enfield. VE Day Event

18/07/05   Malcolm's 60th Birthday

21/08/05   Leighton Buzzard Bus Rally

18/09/05   Wheel Meet Again Rally at St Mary's School, Bishops Stortford

17/12/05   Christmas Lights Tour


11/04/04   25th Barking Rally and Road Run (with RT3232, RT3251 and RT1784)

19/09/04   'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford


03/06/02   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

22/09/02  'Wheel Meet Again Rally' at Bishops Stortford


17/09/00   Millenium Motor Show at St Mary's School, Bishops Stortford


29/08/99   Mangapps Farm Railway (with RT3251)


11/04/93   Blake Hall Easter Show


28/06/92   North Weald Rally

02/06/92   Transport Spectacular at Hatfield House

16/08/92   Finsbury Park Rally

10/10/92   Staines Transport Show

11/10/92   Castle Point Show at Canvey Island


25/05/91   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

29/06/91   22nd BEN Lynwood Rally (Motor & Allied Trades Benevolent Fund)

15/12/91   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford


08/04/90   Cobham Bus Museum Open Day event at Addlestone

06/05/90 to 07/05/90   Transport 90 Rally - Norfolk

20/05/90   Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford (with RT1784)


09/06/89   David and Paula's Wedding

18/06/89   North Weald Bus Rally (with RF113 and RT3251)

09/07/89   Leighton Buzzard Bus Rally

06/08/89   RT50 Event - Finsbury Square, Moorgate

Middle, Last and First: RT2688 with RT4825 and RT1 at Covent Garden

Outside the Adelphi Theatre, London


06/09/87   Showbus Rally - Woburn


03/04/83   Barking Rally

24/04/83   Red route 84: Commemorative Run with MB641

28/05/83   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

29/05/83   North Weald Bus Rally

16/09/83   Lorry Driver of the Year Event

16/10/83   Muswell Hill Bus Rally


21/03/82   Potters Bar to Aldershot for Charity Parachute Jump (with MB641)

04/04/82   Barking Rally: 1st rally in red livery

18/04/82   Cobham Bus Museum Open Day and Gathering

(One year after our first viewing)

23/04/82   Last day of red route 84: St Albans Garage (with MB641 and M690)

29/05/82   Enfield Pageant of Motoring

30/05/82   North Weald Bus Rally

31/05/82   Bromley Pageant of Motoring

26/06/82   Barnet School Summer Fayre (with RCL2221)

17/07/82   London Bus Rally at Ensign Purfleet

03/09/82   Last day of Enfield route 135 (with M751 and M714)

03/09/82   Last day of crew operation on route 102 (with RM1131)

18/09/82   St Albans Garage Open Day

22/11/82   Pantomime Publicity at Wood Green

Stephen Lewis with RT2688 outside the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green

Photographs are shown above each event listing and are ©David Fisher or ©Malcolm Padbury unless otherwise stated.


23/05/81 to 26/05/81  Enfield Pageant of Motoring

31/05/81   North Weald Bus Rally

28/07/81   Hyde Park, London - Royal Wedding Fireworks